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Welcome to my web-site where you can learn about my puzzle books and play sample puzzles.  I no longer sell the books directly but you can visit to place an order.

I designed the puzzles using Guruji's books as the answer keys.  Whether you are a teacher studying to improve your Sanskrit spelling and vocabulary, or a student just wondering what in the world these words mean, these books will provide you with a few hours of exploration and discovery and definitely some good activity for your brain cells. 

I'm excited about the books.  Senior Iyengar teacher Felicity Green said they would be excellent learning tools for teachers going for assessment.  (I was told that Guruji said this also in the library one evening.)   Donna Dyer of Yoga H'om, Oakdale, PA says "I have ordered these numerous times and give them to my graduating teacher trainees.  They love doing the puzzles and keeps them interested in Sanskrit after graduation".

There are four books available:

The first is called Yoga Word Puzzles:  Asana and Philosophy.  This book contains 60 puzzles and takes us through the first 30 weeks of practice and through the introduction in Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar.  It also covers many glossary words, which were particularly fun to research.  

The second book, Yoga Word Puzzles, The Sutras, was much more challenging to create and the puzzles are much more challenging to solve!  I used the first two padas of the yoga sutras and used BKS Iyengar's Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for the translations.  You can take a puzzle, study those sutras, and then play the puzzle to test your memory and spelling ability.  There are 56 puzzles in this book.  

The third book, Yoga Word Puzzles:  Pranayama covers the first two sections of Light on Pranayama by BKS Iyengar.  I was very inspired while studying this book and while searching for clues to use in my puzzles found many things I had never seen before.  I'm hoping that people that buy these puzzle books have the same experience!  This book contains 32 puzzles.

The fourth book, Yoga Word Puzzzles From BKS Iyengar's The Tree of Yoga contains 49 puzzles, mostly crossword.  These puzzles are a nice combination of English and Sanskrit definitions, and also designed to see if we can complete Guruji's sentences from the book.  For example, in "The Aim and By-Product" he says "Asanas are not __; they are descriptions".  I believe these puzzles will be truly ignite the spark of curiosity to read and re-read The Tree of Yoga. 

You can purchase the books at

I will share that it took four nerve-racking trips to the RIMYI library before I developed the confidence to show Guruji the books.  He sat the envelope to the side of his desk and said "I will see".  It was the very next day that I received the following letter from Guruji. 

My Dear Nancy Robert[s],
    Just now, I happen to glance your work on "Yoga Word Puzzles."  One on asana and philosophy, one on Sutras and one on Pranayama.
    It is really a fascinating idea to have brought out this project in the form of puzzles, and I am sure this is bound to create lot of interest not only in the minds of the students of yoga, but also the lovers of yoga.
    No doubt, it requires a creative mind to make a book on yoga word puzzles, and I am sure, you have started a good work, and I hope it would be appreciated by all which give them time to sit and work on puzzles with patience and tolerance.
    Also I thank you for offering 10% of the profit for the Bellur trust.
    I thank you all for the same.
Yours affectionately,

I was shaking the whole time I read the letter.   I was so happy that he liked the books.  I couldn't believe that he wrote me a letter so quickly.  I had to read it over and over.  I'm so proud of this letter and that's why I had to post it on my web-site and include it in the front of each puzzle book.

I hope you also like the books and get many hours of  learning pleasure from working the puzzles.  I envision the puzzles being used in teacher trainings, yoga sutra discussions, yoga gatherings, children's yoga classes, workshops, assessment preparation, on airplane trips to Pune....etc.   

Thank you for visiting my web-site.

Nancy Lynn Roberts
Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Santa Barbara, CA
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